• 2/1/2016 Mike,East Boston, Mass.
    “I hired Spencer to file an appeal for my Unemployment case where my benefits had been wrongfully suspended… Spencer seemed knowledgable and passionate about dealing with cases like mine. He said I had an 85% chance of getting it reversed. I never met him in person or visited his office, which also made me feel unsure. He ordered the recording of the hearing and advised me to be patient. I still felt somewhat unsure, but he got the decision reversed and it was well worth the money! I did have to call him a few times during the process as I didn’t hear from him, but he always answered the phone himself instead of an assistant. It did take time and he told me to be patient. I would be happy to recommend him for anyone with this type of issue. All cases are different of course, but he handled mine perfectly! “
  • 1/27/2016 Darryl, Bronx,NY
    “I highly recommend Spencer to anyone who is having an issue getting their unemployment benefits. I was at my former job for over four years and was terminated shortly after a new supervisor was put in place. I was never given a reason for termination and when I filed for unemployment, I was turned down because a fabricated reason was then given. I lost my telephone hearing and that is when I received a yellow card in the mail. I thought to myself, “This must be too good to be true”, because his fee was so reasonable. However, I did my research and was very impressed. The letter that he wrote to the Board was phenomenal. It did take about 2 1/2 months to receive a final decision, but ultimately the decision was reversed in my favor and I not only received my back pay, but more importantly felt that my good name was restored. Spencer, thank you so much for the outstanding job you did representing me. “
  • 1/20/2016 Susan, Denver,CO
    “I am very grateful for the top notch assistance I received from Spencer in persuit of unemployment benefits. I recommend him highly as a proficient,competent very straight forward ….He is very prompt in responding and gets the job done. I am extremely happy with the results. Thank you so much, you are an awesome”
  • 1/17/2016 Lynn, Portland,WA
    “Just recently fired from a security company, I was fighting my former employer to keep my benefits. When it came time for my hearing, I was in need of help. I found an article about Spencer online and hired him to represent me. Within a week Spencer helped me build my case. During the hearing he tore apart my former boss and all of his allegations and written statements he provided as evidence. My old boss was at such a loss for words he didn’t even cross examine me. And best of all Spencer WON my hearing. If you need help stop looking right now and give Spencer a call. He will fight for you until the end. THANK YOU Spencer! “
  • 1/10/2016 Joseph,San Francisco,CA
    “Spencer was awesome he knew his stuff and when I told him what happened he got my point across. He was excellent and worth it!! He was a true blessing awesome awesome awesome!! He was dependable and reliable the best representation I have ever seen. Excellent representative!! Thank you Spencer you we awesome!!! “
  • 1/6/2016 Andrew,San Diego,CA
    “The ex-employer appealed my EDD decision that I was qualified to receive benifits. I was more than upset when I received the ‘decision’ that (as I read it) I lost! I knew not what to do. A friend suggested I contact Spencer. I did so, Faxed him the appeal and he called me within minutes. Guess what….I mis-read the letter. He informed Me that I WON! I asked how much I might owe him for his services. No charge! He wished me good luck and left me a most happy man. This guy is a FIVE STAR talent in his field. “
  • 1/3/2016 Mr.S. Jones,Mahwah,NJ
    “Spencer is tenacious, knowledgeable, and actually cares about his clients! I first contacted him after having lost my first unemployment hearing. I was baffled by the loss as I’d presented a clear case and had multiple employee witnesses testify regarding the facts. Spencer picked up my cased and helped me dispute the results. We were given a second hearing during which he really went to bat for me, citing case law and pointing out the discrepancies in my former manager’s testimony- I was very impressed. Unfortunately, we lost that hearing (because the Referee incorrectly recalled testimony from the first hearing and claimed that I changed my story, which I did not). Spencer appealed that loss and after reviewing the recordings of both hearings the Board reversed the decision granting me my benefits! Without Spencer I’d have given up, even though I was being wronged in this case. H’s well worth the fee; in fact, his help is worth MUCH more than he charges! I highly recommend him! “
  • 12/28/2015 Lawrence,Davie,FL
    “Spencer helped my daughter in 2012 and won her case. I ask my daughter for his phone, so I could call and ask what I could do about something that was happening at my job of 7 yrs. My daughter told me is very matter of fact. This is true. He advised me all the way through about how to handle what was happening to me. I left this job and file for unemployment. My job did oppose and I call him at 8 pm. He did help me fill out the form to answer the claim my job made. Unemployment did side with me. I thank him for all his help. “
  • 12/15/2015 Lorraine, Cape Coral, FL
    “Spencer is the man. He won my unemployment case and I could not be happier. This man truly cares about the people. Keep doing what your doing. Thanks You!”
  •  12/1/115 Rimma, Dallas, TX
    “Spencer is truly amazing. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is very attentive and professional.I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of assistance. Many employers feel like they have the upper hand but trust me there is nothing to fear and having Spencer will defiantly prove that.Thank you Spencer for all your hard work and dedication, it is truly appreciated. “
  •  11/15/2015 Gertrude, Spring, TX
    “I contacted Spencer with a denial for my unemployment and he had me send my info right away for an appeal. He won my case after a short time and I am now waiting on my back pay to arrive. Thank you so much for your help. Wonderful job! “
  •  11/15/15 Susan, Los Angeles, CA
    “After trying my unemployment hearing myself and losing the initial claim and then trying it again by myself and losing my appeal hearing. I contacted Spencer and he took care of the rest. He got my case re-opened and a new hearing set where he was my representation and got the case reversed! I should have hired him from the beginning. Think about it…you ex-employer is a HR professional that has had training and experience presenting their cases. Contact MR. COHN at flatrateappeals first and get your representation. He rates are very reasonable. Thank you MR. COHN! “
  •  11/13/2015 April, Sacramento, CA
    “Spencer is the BEST Unemployment representative I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He really cares about your case! He fought vigorously against CCL! My family and I want to thank you for a job well done! “
  •  11/10/15 Charles M., Jacksonville, FL
    “Spencer you are the GREATEST there is by far! All I gotta say is ” u just can’t go wrong with Spencer” ! I agree with every great comment there is on here! He completely is recognized by everyone in the unemployment Industry as a full fledged power hitter! He 100% knows what he’s doin in all fields but this man will guaranteed get you what you rightfully deserve! All I could say is just listen to what he has to say because this man knows what he’s doin…have complete and utter faith that u are being leaded well by this man and go with it! YOU WILL WIN!! Thank you spencer it was like an adrenaline rush on the phone for me! Lol what a ride! “
  •  11/6/2015 Violetta, Beverly Hills, CA
    “Finally someone there for the under dog. Mr. Kohn shows his calling..in that he looks at the evidence and is there for the little guy. He understands his clients situation, doesn’t beat around the bush or sugar coat it. Thank you Mr. Spencer  “
  •  11/2/15 Milburn, San Diego, CA
    “I lost my job due to politics. Knowing it was all BS, I thought I had my appeal hearing in the bag. I ended up humiliated and denied.I received a yellow postcard. I spoke to Spencer briefly and sent my info over. Having been scammed in the past, I searched high and low for any possible red flags. It seemed the only red flag was that this guy was too good to be true. I went with my gut, sent the check and crossed my fingers. At this point, I only had 3-4 days to appeal the referee’s decision. With no sweat, he told me not to worry. The request to appeal was sent. When I read the official appeal document he sent, I was enlightened and relieved.Weeks later (it takes a WHILE), I received the letter that the decision was reversed and we WON!!! …. Spencer is your man!! I couldnt be more thankful; want to spread the word about his precision in unemployment law. THANK YOU!”
  •  10/28/15 Brian, Springfield, OR
    “Spencer was always available, personal, knowledgeable and ultimately successful in my appeal for months of unemployment that I had been denied. My 24 year old daughter, who lives in NYC, had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in February. I left my job to be with her there. I was told by the state that I was eligible to receive benefits but then received a phone call from them that I was not. I tried appealing on my own to no avail. Only through the generosity of my single oldest 2 daughters was I able to buy food and pay my bills. I contacted Spencer and with his optimism that I had about an 85% chance of having their ruling overturned I decided to borrow the money from my 21 year old son. Through Spencer’s expertise I was able to get the state to reverse the decision and I will now be receiving the thousands of dollars rightly owed me! I would highly recommend Spencer!! “
  •  10/22/2015 Laura, Southwest Ranches, FL
    “I was worngly terminated from the YES program where i worked for 8 1/2 years. they denied me unemployment benifits. I had 2 interviews and they denied me both time. I hired Mr Spencer and he got my case over turned and i got my unemployment benifits. Again thank you mr Spencer. “
  •  10/10/15 Vivian, Byromville, GA
    “Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Sometimes just being right isn’t enough and you need an expert on your side. Will use again in a heartbeat if the same circumstance happened again.. “
  •  10/4/2015 Diane, Westbury, NY
    “I tried to take on my former company unrepresented. Not surprisingly, with the best lawyers money can buy, the company prevailed. Spencer appealed a horrific initial ruling and justice prevailed. He is bright tenacious and most importantly understands the issues from the commissions point of view. I recommend him unequivocally . He was worth to me many times the reasonable fee that he charged. “
  •  10/3/2015 Craig, Chicago, IL
    “Spencer is the BEST Unemployment representative I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. This gentleman went above and beyond the call of duty & fought vigorously against HSN LP in order to win my Unemployment appeal! If you EVER need someone to fight for you against a “Goliath” corporation, this man is DAVID who put the stone right in between the eyes of HSN, and HE WON! HSN fell like a ton of bricks and Spencer chopped off their head and held it up for all the world to see. If you ever need to fight Corporate America for wrongful termination, THIS IS THE MAN YOU WANT FIGHTING FOR YOU! … Everyone makes mistakes, but the biggest mistake is Corporate America trying to run our Government. Spencer KNOWS HOW to circumvent the law. <3 <3 <3 “
  • 10/1/2015 Lisa, Tomball, TX 
    “I hired Spencer originally in Feb. when my exemployer appealed my unemployment. I won that appeal quite simply because of the information Spencer gave me. I have never had any problems getting him on the phone or having my questions answered. Well my employer appealed again! This time he came with 3 witnesses. I was scared! I couldn’t afford to pay back that money and god knows what my exemployer was going to pull out of his rear, this time. Well I won again and I didn’t have to pay another cent to Spencer! He literally decimated my exemployer and all 3 witnesses. Trust me this man knows the laws of unemployment and how to handle himself in a judicial hearing like this…. Spencer, from www.flatrateappeals is the man you want and need to represent you. Thank you so much Spencer. I will never forget it.”
  •  9/28/2015 Russell, Louisville, Kentucky
    “I have hired Spencer on 2 ocassions to represent me at Florida Unemployment Appeals. His tenacity, knowlege and professionalism is impecable. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Spencer to ANYONE that is fighting for their unemployment benefits. It is money worth investing. “
  •  9/22/15 Yoandrys, Cudahy, WI
    “Just found out I won my case! Spencer LITERALLY DEMOLISHED my former employer! I will highly recommend him, he will definitely BEAT THE BOSS! “
  •  9/21/2015 Martin, Miami, FL
    “Spencer is one of a kind. My employer had no reason to fire me. So of course, I applied for Unemployment and of course she denied it. We had a hearing with Unemployment and my former employer and her representative. Spencer was real knowledgeable about my rights and he proved my case. He knows the laws inside and out.I got great satisfaction to where he cross examined my former boss. You can tell she was trying to make up information to prove her case. See, the good guys can’t lose forever.I recommend him to anyone that is having a problem with Unemployment or your current employer. He is the best person to trust in these types of situations. Thank God for Spencer. “
  •  9/18/2015 Cary, West Palm Beach, FL
    “THank the Lord for Spencer! If not for him knowing the unemployment and employment laws so well, I would have to pay back almost $3,000 of benefits!I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of an unemployment representative. I resigned from a job to take a job that paid a lot more. Unfortunately, after only 6 weeks, the new company lost its funding and I was laid off. I was told twice by the Unemployment Agency (via phone conversations) that I was entitled to benefits. Then, after 3 months, I was informed that I did not qualify for the benefits! I appealed, not knowing I could have representation. I lost that appeal. I called www.Flatrateappeals, paid them, and Spencer won my case.”
  •  9/15/15 Kenell, Panama City Beach, FL
    “Spencer is my man. I had the law on my side but still lost my appeal. With Spencer’s knowledge of how the system works, we were able to have the the decision overturned. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Spencer… WE BEAT THE BOSS !!! dp “
  •  9/14/15 Leigh, Oldsmar, FL
    “I won my appeal today and I owe it all to this man!!! I lost my hearing and knew I needed more info if I was to win my appeal. He told me what to expect,how to answer and what would happen, going into this with all that knowledge was extremely self assuring! Trust me this is like a court case and is sooo scary, but I had Spencer and look what it got me..I win!! I highly reccommend Spencer! “
  •  9/15/15 Timothy, Milwaukee, WI
    “3/10/11: I recommend mr. Spencer to anyone who is fighting for unemployment benefits. I got his yellow business card on the mail after loosing my first unemployment hearing. I was skeptical at first but did some research and decided to hire him. It ended up being the best decision. He was very knowlegeble and straight to the point. He did an excellent job defending me during the hearing and basically sent my employer’s attorney back to law school. I strongly recomend him to anyone. “
  •  9/14/15 Maureen, Pompano Beach, FL
    “Spencer……..You Rock! Just found out my decision on my Unemployment appeal and WE WON!!! Thanks to Spencer. My employer appealed, I called Spencer, he is extremely professional, reliable and knows exactly how to handle unemployment cases. I don’t think I would’ve won without him. Thank You Spencer! “
  •  9/11/15 Ying, Richardson, TX
    “I was denied my unemployment and I was lost on how to proceed. I hired Spencer Cohen and he took the lead and got me thru the appeal process. The decision was reversed on first appeal. Mr. Cohen did a perfect job. He always responded to my emails and phone calls and answered any question I had very propmtly. Under 2 months I am now receiving my unemployment. I feel if I did this on my own I would of lost. Hiring Spencer Cohen was the best choice I could have made and would do it again. I strongly recommend Mr. Cohen if you are having to fight unemployment issues. Thank you Spencer “
  •  9/9/15 Jeffrey, Rio Linda, CA
    “I was unceremoniously fired at the height of the unemployment crisis of 2008/09, and had no idea where to turn with job prospects appearing grim. After being denied unemployment benefits due to untruths asserted by my employer, Spencer reviewed and organized all facts and opposing accusations for an appeal. On the day of the phone-conference, Spencer came out of our corner with the gloves off. Had I not been so nervous, I actually would have been entertained by a true Master at work. He showed a depth of knowledge, competence, and perseverance; combined with chutzpah that I have seldom seen. The self-reputed ‘Dragon-Lady’ had been left sputtering in the ashes. Needless to say, I received all benefits retroactively and thereafter during a lengthy job-seeking process. I even insisted on remitting a bonus to him, considering other guys were charging upwards of $800, and I would’ve been destitute w/o him. I’m now thrilled to be in a new, challenging, and rewarding position that I love.Thnx “
  •  9/7/15 Bonnie, San Rafael, CA
    “Spencer is my hero. He won a case that was against all odds. We had a ruling, lost an appeal .. we were told that that was it, don’t bother trying again. We found Spencer and he completely pulled thru for us. We had two more appeal hearings and finally we won. They were simply giving us the run around. I would recommend him any time to any one. “
  •  9/6/15 Guna, Baton Rouge, LA
    “Spencer has help me against my former employer retrieve the benefits I was entitled to. The system is corrupt but in the midst of their darkness, Mr. Spencer restored light in an on-going battle which is now OVER!!!…Thank sagain Spencer!!! “
  •  9/5/15 Humberto, Lexington, KY
    “Spencer came through for me just when I thought all hope was gone and be liable for repayment. I tried to represent my appeal by myself but was shot down without finishing a sentence when the referee disconnected the phone call. The appeal has been reversed in my favor. I am still in shock and afraid to celebrate till I see all the money. The state repayment section was slow in reversing the amount even though the judge’s deceision was final but Spencer re-assured me to be patience and the state will eventually catch up. My recommendation is to call him, you won’t regret that deceision. Believe me, he been there and done that and knows the business…… “
  •  9/4/15 Ainsworth, Austin, TX
    “I can’t say enough about Spencer. He sent me a card abut my unemployment, I Called him and he was a Godsent. As many times as pestered him he was always pleasant and returned my calls. It took a while but just as he said “He would do his best” and he did. I never thought i would get the unemployment but Spencer got my denial reversed. God bless Spencer,he is a great guy and has helped so many people you can’t go wrong using him. “
  •  9/2/15 Juanita, Pembroke Pines, FL
    “I could never have done my unemployment appeal without Spencer as I am learning disabled., He prepped me and I felt confortable where without Spencer I would have been a nervous wreck. He knew exactly the questions to ask the employer.He caught himn off guard and he was floundering for answers, Whenn I hired Spencer I thought I had a minimal chance in winning. I wan and it was because of Spencer. My case was somewhat complicated because I was fired twice. “
  •  8/30/15 Ramon, Cleweston, FL
    “may God bless all those little yellow cards, they give a voice to all those without hope….spencer is worth a million dollars.. he always returns our calls, is so professional.thank you are too little words to express our feelings “
  •  8/27/15 Dive, Venice, FL
    “Mr. Spencer is a very professional person. He helped me in my second hearing and support me with strong arguments. He really knows the law. Thanks, Dive Pena “
  •  8/26/15 Richard, Kentwood, MI
    “Thank you very much Spencer for retaining my unemployment compensation. You are highly recommendable to anyone who needs legal advice for unemployment compensation. Again, Thank you very much for a great job. Sincerely, Richard Hallmon. “
  •  8/25/15 Gary, White Plains, NY
    “Spencer came through for me just when I had given all hope. Got the good news yesterday,and was afraid that, even though my my appeal had been lost, now it has been reversed in my favor. I am still in shock and afraid to celebrate,till I see the money. I tried this on my own for a yr.,and denied each time, so Spencer is the man. Call him,you won’t regret that deceision. I have learned that you should never give up. Our government will take and take, and never give back what is yours until you back them in a corner. “
  •  8/20/15 Joan, Springfield, MA
    “on my 1st hearing i was on my own & lost it but when i hired Mr. Spencer it was a very good choice on my end. Mr. Spencer kick some good ass on the 2nd hearing (it took a while for the hearing, about couple of months but worth the wait FOR SURE) he put my exboss in his place and the refree had no other choice but to be in our side so of course we won the case and i can’t explain how HAPPY i was the the end result!!! If you need a GOOD ASS KICKING representative on your side 500% of the way then w/o a 2nd thought hire Spencer. believe me u won’t regret it!!! “
  •  8/15/15 Philip, Loxahatchee, FL
    “My mother was wrongfully terminated from Wal-mart and has challenges communicating with the public, but calling on Spencer was the best thing she could have done to get legal help and get what was rightfully hers. Kind, understanding, and punctual, Spencer made this battle an easy one to win. We are forever grateful for your help! “
  •  8/12/15 Doris, Spokane Valley, WA
    “Spencer is definitely worth hiring. He is unbelievable. He called me back every time I needed him, always replied to my emails, represented me at my hearing. He is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. He definitely knows unemployment law and without his help, I would have failed. Because of Spencer, everything went smoothly and I won. Thank you Spencer. You are the best! “
  •  8/10/15 Sunny, Colorado Springs, CO
    “Spencer … is a master of Unemployment Law. After being mistreated and fired for no good reason, he helped me set the record straight and restore my dignity. I got my notice Friday night for the hearing Monday 8am and I used the number he gave me. Although it was a weekend, he called me back, met with me and fully prepped me for my hearing. I learned a how a company can fire you for business reasons, but unless you committed gross misconduct, you are entitield to your unemployment. During the hearing, I was thrilled to hear Spencer systematically tear down false arguments and deliberate deceptions my former employer alleged. In a matter of moments, he had them fumbling and tripping over themselves as he relentlessly attacked every aspect of their claims and made them look foolish. Spencer knows Unemployment Law and the case studies he cited were right on target… I could hear it in the Referee’s voice that she respected his position and presentation. “
  •  8/5/15 Steve, Bridgeport, CT
    “Mr Spencer was very thorough in preparing me for my case. I was very nervous and thankful that he was representing me. He always called when he said he would and returned all my calls when I left messages. He helped me know what to say and what questions would be asked. I was very pleased that I didn’t have to say much and that he would speak on my behalf and know how to cross examine the employer to my advantage. I was hesitate to seek a representative for my case, but oh so thankful I did and would highly recommend him …. “
  •  8/1/15 Ann, Alpharetta, GA
    “Spencer handled all the paperwork and my frantic phone calls with ease. My appeal to the comission was overturned, and he is representing me at my new hearing in July. Its been almost a year since we started this process and Spencer has always been a voice of calm reassurance. He truly is an expert in the field!! I couldn’t be more appreciative!! “
  •  7/27/15 Robert, Lynnwood, WA
    “I just got off the phone with my appeals that Mr. Spencer took care of. Let me tell you guys that are bad mouthing this man….GIVE IT TIME! You will not be disappointed. Mr. Spencer just dismantled my previous employer and their attorney like they were public defenders. I couldn’t be happier. Win or lose….Mr. Cohn fought for me and my rights. He made sure that my previous employer’s case was all hearsay and there was no proof what so ever. My name is Randy B. and Mr. Cohn if you read this, my family and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done and we will surely refer to family & friends that have lost their jobs unfairly. “
  •  7/22/15 Maurice, West Wendover, NV
    “Spencer, let me just say this about him…. I could have never made it through the appeals hearing without him. He is truely an expert in what he does.He prepared me for exactly what would happen during the appeal. I have so much respect for him and I could never thank him enough for what he did for me.He is the very BEST!!! “
  •  7/20/15 Tito, Plano, TX
    “I made the bad decision to accept a part time job that caused me to operate in a very unsafe enviroment. I resigned after 2 days and the Unemployment Commission canceled my benefits because I quit. I appealed the decison and lost my appeal on 9/22/09. Mr Spencer then contacted me and due to his hard work and knowledge was able to have the decision canceling my benefits reversed this past week. Folks this guy is good. “
  •  7/12/15 Michelle, Miami, FL
    “I called Mr Spencer when I thought I was going to lose all my unemployment money. He told me don’t worry that he will get me my money, and he did. I received all my back retro money and all he charged me was 200 hundred dollors. If anybody needs a good unemployment representative I would recomend him all the time. “
  •  7/10/15 Chandler, Bellingham, WA
    “I had an unemployment case in which I felt that not only my former employer but the state also was against me. I spoke to Spencer and he told not to worry, leave it to him. I am glad I did because he got the negative decision reversed. God bless him. “
  •  7/6/15 Chad, Mesquite, TX
  •  7/1/15 Carlton, Worcester, MA
    “I hired Mr. Spencer after I lost my unemployment hearing. Mr. Cohn told me that we had to that we would appeal the commission and he would ask for the hearing copy to review.I was told that there would be a good chance to reverse the unemployment to my favor. After tape was reviewed and Mr. Spencer sent in my appeal I had to wait for the commission to review the facts. It took the commission almost 3months to come back with an answer. It was in my favor. The system is slow, but thanks to the help of Mr. Spencer I will be receiving my benefits. Thank you for your help, time and answering my questions.(No matter how many times I called) “